CoD RICOCHET anti-cheat code reportedly leaked online

The RICOCHET anti-cheat system is set to make the life of hackers and cheaters much harder in Call of Duty: warzone and Vanguard, but a reported leak has pointed towards the code for the RICOCHET already being leaked which could allow cheat developers to get a jump start on beating the new anti-cheat. There was […]

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Activision ignores Warzone anti-cheat as streamers switch to Apex Legends

During Activision’s most recent Investor Call, they once again neglected to discuss a Call of Duty anti-cheat system, despite the fact that many players and streamers are switching over to Apex Legends Season 10. Call of Duty is in a precarious spot at the moment. Black Ops Cold War is moving along nicely during the […]

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Activision report says hackers hid malware in Warzone cheats

Some cheaters received an unexpected surprise as a new Warzone hack has been discovered to have malware. An extensive new report published Activision security research division reveals that a popular cheating tool that hackers use in Warzone was actually used to hack into players’ computers. The report says that the company found a specific cheat […]

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