New Apex Legends skins leaked for War Games, Golden Week, & Chinatown Market

Data miners have uncovered some brand new Apex Legends skins that have yet to be released which will be part of future events like War Games, Golden Week, and a collab with clothing brand, Chinatown Market. Apex Legends received a plethora of brand new content in Season 8 thanks to both the Chaos Theory, and […]

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Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event patch notes

Apex Legends Season 8’s Chaos Theory Collection Event is here, and we’ve got the full patch notes for the update, as well as some secret buffs and nerfs. The Chaos Theory Collection Event is now here, alongside the official release of Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch. Caustic has taken over Kings Canyon’s Water Treatment, […]

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Secret nerfs for Caustic and Bangalore in Apex Legends Chaos Theory update

The Chaos Theory Collection Event brought a ton of changes to Apex Legends, including some secret ones that aren’t mentioned in the patch notes. Caustic and Bangalore’s abilities received some nerfs as a result. There were many welcome changes in Apex Legends when the Chaos Theory Collection Event went live on March 9. This includes quite a few buffs […]

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