Apex Legends September 22 update patch notes: Server stability, Shiela & Rampart fixes, more

Apex Legends has had severe server issues since the release of the Evolution Collection Event. Thankfully, the developers have shipped a patch to address these problems. The server issues began for Apex Legends as soon as the Evolution Collection Event dropped in Season 10. The update caused players to crash and disconnect from lobbies, causing […]

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Apex Legends Loba Edition skin revealed by leak

Apex Legends latest update provided dataminers with an abundance of code to dig through, and some of that code has revealed a new Loba Edition skin set to release in the future. Apex Legends has had a rough time recently, as following the release of the Evolution Collection Event, players were subject to huge server […]

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Apex Legends players call for new Warzone matchmaking feature to be added

Since the introduction of Looking for a Party in Warzone, Apex Legends players are asking the devs for a similar feature to be added in a future update. Apex Legends has been a pioneer when it comes to quality-of-life features in Battle Royale games. Not only is the Ping system undefeated, but players also loved […]

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Apex Legends dev announces major change for Red to Gold armor swapping

A simple but impactful change is coming to Apex Legends that allows player to swap from Red to Gold armor much faster. Battle royales all have their own ways of lengthening the time to kill a player. Fortnite has shield potions, Warzone has armor plates, and Apex Legends has body shields. However, Apex Legends’ armor […]

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What is tap-strafing in Apex Legends? Everything you need to know

Apex Legends is known for having smooth and fast movement for a battle royale game, which is one of the reasons it is loved by so many. One of these Apex Legends movement techniques is called a tap-strafing, which has caused a fair amount of controversy within the community. Apex Legends is in its tenth […]

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Insane Apex Legends glitch causes player to switch characters after respawning

Apex Legends isn’t a stranger to bugs, and although the developers are great at communicating with the community and fixing issues, one player has encountered a bug with character selection. Although a recent update for Apex Legends fixed some bugs and issues players had been experiencing during Season 10, a few new glitches and exploits […]

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Apex Legends tap-strafing being removed in 10.1 update, says Respawn

Respawn explains why Apex Legends Tap-Strafing has been removed from the game in Patch 10.1. Apex Legends has an insane amount of mobility than most other Battle Royales don’t offer. It features zero fall damage, downhill sliding, and a ton of abilities that increase mobility. However, some players have found strategies that offer even more […]

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This Apex Legends Crypto buff idea would give him Warzone Advanced UAV ability

Apex Legends character Crypto was introduced back in Season 3, and despite his lack of power, he’s a character that hasn’t received many changes. Some players have come up with a buff that might make him more viable in the current meta. In Apex Legends Season 10, Seer originally had strong dominance on the Legend […]

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NICKMERCS explains what the best Apex Legends Sniper Rifle is

For those new to the game, NICKMERCS reveals what he thinks is the best sniper to use in Apex Legends Season 10, suggesting that the long-range weapons are great for Ranked Leagues. Apex Legends has been extremely popular lately thanks to the likes of popular Warzone streamers enjoying the game. Apex Legends Ranked Leagues can […]

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What do Heirlooms do in Apex Legends?

The Heirlooms in Apex Legends are very popular but rare items that all dedicated players wish to obtain. To understand the demand, let’s get into the details of what they are. Apex Legends has some pretty cool cosmetics for players to obtain, especially in the new battle pass for Season 10. From Legend and weapon […]

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