Apex Legends War Games Second Chance mode explained

Apex Legends new mini event War Games has just released on all platforms until April 27th. In this guide we will take you through everything there is to know about the first mode. The first mode of the new War Games takeover is called Second Chance, where Legends can redeploy above the location they were […]

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Apex Legends: best team comps for Ranked in Season 8

Here are the best team compositions for Apex Legends Ranked Leagues Season 8 to help suit you and your teammates playstyle. Team composition in Ranked Leagues is extremely important, especially when you want to have a certain playstyle. In this guide we’ll be looking at four different team comps: fast rotation, slow rotation, ultra attacking, […]

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Apex Legends leak reveals EPG from Titanfall 2

Most of Apex Legends weapons are taken directly from the Titanfall universe and it seems like another one may be on its way. This season saw Apex Legends add its sixth new weapon into the game called the 30-30 Repeater. Since then, there has been lots of speculation on which weapon we could be seeing […]

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Apex Legends devs respond to complaints about Olympus’ unclimbable fences

Apex Legends developers have responded to complaints about a seemingly odd design choice in which certain fences on Olympus are unclimbable. After a Reddit user attempted the insane Octane jump on Apex’s Olympus map, they messed up but were saved by being able to infinitely climb a wall on the other side. Fans were unsurprisingly […]

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How to get Apex Legends Caustic Cold Blooded Twitch Prime skin

How to get the latest ‘Cold Blooded’ free Twitch Prime skin in Apex Legends for villainous Legend, Caustic. Each month one of these free Twitch Prime skins becomes available and this time its everybody’s favourite toxic trapper, Caustic. Recently, new content seems to be rolling out fairly regularly for Apex Legends. The new War Games […]

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Apex Legends pro finds Crazy Octane Jump Pad rotation on Olympus

Apex Legends esports player is responsible for this insane Octane Jump Pad rotation found outside of Gardens on Olympus. Octane has been a big topic of conversation during Season 8, as the changes to his Jump Pad have been held in high regard. Mokeysniper, an Apex Legends content creator, recently found and showcased an interesting […]

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Apex Legends leak reveals upcoming 3v3 Arena mode

Apex Legends data miners have revealed Respawn Entertainment’s plans to add a new 3v3 mode to compliment the already successful battle royale. Popular data miner @Shrugtal released some interesting information surrounding a new mode that could be entering Apex in the next season. The new mode is known as ‘Arena’ and will possibly be held […]

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Apex Legends devs confirm fix to save players’ deleted Heirlooms

A strange issue has been causing Apex Legends players lose all their hard-earned progression and rewards, including rare Heirloom cosmetics, so Respawn have come up with a solution. When you hop into a game of Apex Legends, you have the opportunity to play well and level up. However, a strange new glitch is causing a […]

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Apex Legends players discover secret Wattson nerf

A hidden nerf has been discovered within Wattson’s ultimate ability in Apex Legends, that keeps it from countering Horizon. Horizon has made rounds in Apex Legends ever since her arrival in Season 7. She’s one of the strongest characters in the game and has such a high win-rate that the devs nerfed her in Chaos Theory […]

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Frustrating Apex Legends bug is ruining Rampart’s abilities

Apex Legends players have been voicing their frustration with a new bug that’s preventing Rampart from placing her protective Amped Walls cover in the middle of a match. You have a wide selection of colorful and unique characters to choose from when jumping into a match of Apex Legends. Rampart is a solid choice if […]

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