How to get Upgrade Modules in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Upgrade Modules are the easiest and most effective ways to upgrade gear. Here’s how to get them to help make your Guardian even more powerful. At the start of the Season of the Chosen, Bungie decided to roll back gear sunsetting. This means that the level cap on some gear has been removed, […]

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Destiny 2 Radiant Dance Machines Exotic taking over Season of the Lost

The new Radiant Dance Machines Exotic armor in Destiny 2 Season of the Lost are very overpowered and have taken over the popular game. Destiny 2 has just entered its 15th season, titled the Season of the Lost. This season comes with a ton of new content and will last until February 2022. While The […]

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How to get destiny 2 Thorn armor set

In celebration of Bungie’s 30th Anniversary, players can unlock the Thorn armor set in Destiny 2, and we have all of the known information for how to do so covered for you. Destiny 2 has just entered its 15th Season, the Season of the Lost. During this season, Bungie is also celebrating its 30th Anniversary […]

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