Treyarch reverses some bans following Cold War Zombies Sail 630 Nuclear Bug

Treyarch have responded to reports of Black Ops Cold War Zombies players receiving the ‘Sail 630 Nuclear Bug’ error code and having their accounts permanently banned afterward. In a new update on April 16 on Reddit, Treyarch Community Manager has stated that they investigated the issue even further and have identified a number of bans […]

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Treyarch buffs Black Ops Cold War’s E-Tool

Treyarch has buffed the new E-Tool melee weapon following fan complaints after its Season 2 release. Despite Assault Rifles and Submachine Guns generally receiving all the acclaim and adulation in Call of Duty games, there is a minority who can’t get enough of melee weapons. Members of the community get the same thrill and satisfaction […]

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Treyarch dev hits back at claims they don’t fix Cold War bugs quick enough

After claims that Black Ops Cold War developers aren’t fixing bugs and issues quick enough, Treyarch’s Community Manager hit back, explaining why that isn’t the case. Like almost all AAA titles, Black Ops Cold War has had its fair share of bugs and issues since launch. Many of these have now been addressed going into […]

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