Symfuhny unloads on Reddit users over Warzone bot lobby accusations

Streamer Symfuhny unloaded on Reddit users who were indirectly accusing him of exploiting bot lobbies. Professional-level Warzone players are the best of the best. Often, other players will underestimate their skillsets (or overestimate their own), assuming top players must be cheating the system. This belief often results in unwarranted toxicity against streamers, as Symfuhny saw […]

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YouTubers discover new method to avoid Warzone SBMM with reverse boost

YouTuber Rara has revealed how to reverse boost and avoid SBMM in Call of Duty: Warzone, a secret kept among a few players across the Call of Duty community. Skill based matchmaking, or SBMM is a system implemented in many modern first person shooters to match players against opponents of similar skill. This system can […]

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