Next Black Ops Cold War DLC round-based Zombies map coming in Season 4

May 14, 2021, was an exciting day for the Black Ops Cold War Zombies community, as Treyarch confirmed that Season 4 would be when the arrival of the next round-based Zombies DLC map will be taking place. The Zombies experience has been considered to be a huge success for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold […]

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Cold War Zombies upcoming updates detailed: Easter Egg, maps, more

The Black Ops Cold War Zombies developers have finally given players details on what is next for the Dark Aether storyline and Outbreak mode. Call of Duty’s co-op mode Zombies has always been a fan faviourtie for players, enjoying the casual mowing down of zombies across a variety of maps. Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies […]

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Frustrating R1 Shadowhunter unlock bug now affecting Cold War Zombies

Although Black Ops Cold War’s devs fixed the issue with the R1 Shadowhunter Crossbow not unlocking for players, the problem appears to have resurfaced now that it can be unlocked through playing Zombies. Zombies players have long been frustrating with new weapons, such as the ZRG 20mm and E-Tool, only being unlocked through multiplayer. Treyarch […]

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Treyarch reverses some bans following Cold War Zombies Sail 630 Nuclear Bug

Treyarch have responded to reports of Black Ops Cold War Zombies players receiving the ‘Sail 630 Nuclear Bug’ error code and having their accounts permanently banned afterward. In a new update on April 16 on Reddit, Treyarch Community Manager has stated that they investigated the issue even further and have identified a number of bans […]

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Clever Cold War Zombies Outbreak trick makes Defend objectives easy

‘Defend’ is one of CoD: Cold War Outbreak’s most difficult challenges, especially in the higher rounds, but this clever trick allows you to keep Zombies at bay with ease. While fighting the undead in Cold War Zombies’ Outbreak mode, players will need to complete one of five main objectives to advance to the next round. […]

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What is Cold War’s Sail 630 Nuclear Bug? Error code reportedly banning Zombies players

There are reports of Black Ops Cold War Zombies players receiving the ‘Sail 630 Nuclear Bug’ error code and having their accounts permanently banned afterward. UPDATE – April 7: Treyarch’s Community Manager, FoxHoundFPS, has posted to Reddit an update on this issue and confirmed their team is looking into it more. Despite many players saying […]

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How to use the RAI K-84 & Ray Gun together in Cold War Outbreak

For maximum firepower, you’ll want to carry a Wonder Weapon in Black Ops Cold War’s Outbreak. With this clever trick, you’ll be able to carry both the RAI K-84 and Ray Gun at once. Black Ops Cold War has introduced new toys for Zombies players to slay the undead with, the D.I.E Shockwave and the […]

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When are Black Ops Cold War Zombies camos coming to Warzone?

Weapon camos unlocked in Black Ops Cold War Zombies aren’t available to use in Warzone, but with Zombies arriving in Verdansk, and the camos found in the game files, they’ll likely arrive during Season 2. Warzone Season 2 has continued and expanded Warzone’s integration with Black Ops Cold War, adding new weapons the FARA 83 and […]

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Best Outbreak loadout for CoD: Black Ops Cold War

We’ve put together the perfect loadout, featuring perks, attachments, and more, for you to wreak havoc in CoD: Black Ops Cold War’s new open-world Zombies mode – Outbreak. Treyarch have hit the jackpot with the latest twist on the tried and tested CoD Zombies template. Outbreak has not only expanded upon everything that made Zombies […]

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Horrifying Outbreak glitch makes Cold War Zombies even more terrifying

Cold War’s Season 2 introduction of the Outbreak Zombies mode has added more horror than anticipated thanks to a bizarre glitch that ups the scares. Between the Mimics and the super-powerful Krasny Soldat boss enemies, there are more enough elements for players to keep a watchful eye on as they’re trying to survive. The beauty […]

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